Personal Training


Is your exercise time limited? " Your time is precious and you want the most time effective way to get the best results. Your Trainer will set up the exercises for you, and have a plan, there is no waiting you just turn up, warm up and go for it.

Do you lack motivation? " You know that unless you have someone waiting to train & motivate you, you will find an excuse not to go. We are waiting and ready for you so we can get the best out of you. We then follow up and keep you going as consistency is the key.

You know you have to exercise & eat better to take control but dont? " Just contact us now! We will get you into habits that will  pull you out of that procrastination. The health benefits are numerous! Your quality of life will increase! And you will have fun! You will feel alot better about how you look! and get more sex! (no i cant back that sex one up but i just wanted to make sure you are still reading this)  :) 

Does your training lack direction & progress? OR does it falter at Nutrition? " Advice from a Mentor/ Coach can keep you progressing & pushing new boundaries. Even the top sports athletes have a coach. You can use a Coach to monitor progress & give direction, introduce new techniques, Motivate you and keep your Nutrition on track.

Create a Change in you...

Creating a change takes time. It requires consistency, new challenges & habits, loads of motivation, determination & fun. We provide all this in a friendly private gym to create a change.

Consistency equals Change  Consistency is the main aspect to changing your body, as the saying goes, Use it or Loss it. We provide the Environment, Challenges, Motivation, & Determination with heaps of Fun and regular monitoring

Brian's experience comes from the last 25 years of Bodybuilding competing & helping every day people achieve results with their bodies and healthy lifestyle via weight training/cardio & wise eating. Brians background may be extreme with Bodybuilding, (Mr New Zealand Overall Champ, World Champs Rep & multiple national titles all achieved lifetime drug free) yet he uses this experience and knowledge to support everyday people to achieve their results while developing healthy life habits.