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Do you need Support / Direction / Accountability?

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From Someone in the industry with decades of experience on your side, Someone who lives and breaths & studies Nutrition & Exercise with clients everyday

From Someone in the real world you knows about juggling family, work, stress, body imagine.  But you cant get to their gym due to distance or circumstances but would really like to get the personal service and support?

Our Online Bodycoaching is a great option
All personalized to your schedules and goals. The Initial Nutrition plan & Initial Exercise plan kick starts the process with our initial daily support for the first week to help you get through your exercises.

From then we do Monthly reviews of your nutrition and progress with your Exercise and any changes required.
We do weekly messenger support of all questions on messenger. 

Monitoring via pics & measurements monthly as well.  (minimum 6 months)
Initial set up cost of $200. This includes your initial plans and the first week of daily support. 

It doesn’t matter what level you are a Beginner (never been in a gym) or Competitive Athlete, a coach working with you and your plan is far more successful than not having a coach and/or a plan at all.

As a beginner why would you spend years trying to learn and work through all the conflicting information on nutrition & exercise when you can have a coach who walks the talk, studies and lives and trains other successful clients, monitors your progress, keeps an eye out for you in the gym, updates your programs, bodyfat measures your progress... for just a similar cost of a gym membership.

 *THIS is normally a minimum 12 month option but Just a minimum of 6 months

This option cuts years off doing it yourself or doing it wrong for years 

This option is a commitment from you and your trainer This option means you are accountable, and your coach is there for you.

Don't let your success be left to chance! Get Coached

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  • Initial Nutrition plan ( when and how much to eat/supplements plan )
  • Initial Exercise plan to suit your schedule
  • Body fat measures and before pics for your use
  • 4 Personal Training sessions / Phone sessions to kick start your program (weights/reps/stretches/recovery patterns)
  • Half hour Monthly reviews & measures
  • Discounted extra PT sessions as a VIP
  • Weekly contact via gym or messaging
  • Full 24/7 gym access to Fit Figures Gym