Brian McFarlane- Personal Trainer

Brian's experience comes from the last 30 years of Personal Training, Coaching, Bodybuilding competing & helping every day people achieve results with their bodies and healthy lifestyle via weight training/cardio & wise eating.

Brians background may be extreme with Bodybuilding, (Mr New Zealand Overall Champ & Mr Natural Universe & multiple national titles all achieved lifetime drug free) yet he uses this experience and knowledge to support everyday people to achieve their results while developing healthy life habits.

Brians clients comprise of 50% men & 50% women with the men wanting less fat around the gut & more muscle. The ladies want less fat all over but especially in target areas with better muscle tone, health and overall fitness & strength for everyday use.

Brian specializes in achieving results by: A holistic healthy approach to getting & staying in shape. Fat loss via healthy food plans & exercise (cardio & weights) Muscle building & strengthening joints through training plans & Personal training.

I am not "just a rep counter" & proud of it!

In fact it is a common joke amongst my clients that he will miss counting a rep or two (yeah right they are just trying to get out of a few reps) but his concentration is on his clients form and them pushing for a personal best.

Getting results for you & your inprovement is my focus

Brians services available are:
Online Coaching   Perosnal Training ( message us  )

Brian has the following life experiences & titles to make him the best trainer for you.

  • 30 + years experience coaching and competing
  • Mr New Zealand & Mr Natural Universe titles
  • 12th IFBB World Masters in Poland
  • Mr North Island, Mr Central North Island & Mr World Qualifier Titles
  • Lifetime natural (drug free) athlete - Results come from knowlege, experience and commitment to hard work.
  • 9 Years of coaching College / Rep / junior rugby