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Great place with a good vibe and family feel, always a friendly face and lots of encouragement and inspiration from all that train there.


24 / 7 access, friendly atmosphere, commercial gear, very spacious and trainers who walk the walk. Definitely worth it.


Thanks goes to you Brian. For making the whole gym experience far less intimidating than I thought it would be. Thank you


Go Green Membership

Don't let your success be left to chance!
Go Green and get coached.
Includes Nutrition, Initial Program and Personal
training to get you started, Bodyfat measures, Monthly reviews.
Why not have the expert in your pocket.
Our most successful membership.

VIP Memberships also get Discounted additional PT Sessions

VIP Membership 24hrs 
PT Sessions and Nutritional plan

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No Frills Membership

24 Hours Gym access For members that that dont need the extra services, reviews and training that come with our GoGreen coached membership.
No Frills workout your way...
Reviews are available on request.
Our Instructors still walk the gym with helpful advice
Get access to the gear you need, to exercise and get the results you want No Frills.

>24 hrs for members that dont 
need extra services or training

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FitforLife Membership

For SENIORS & STUDENTS including Wintech and Uni.  
Adult environment, no crowds,
great gym etiquette and a postive atmosphere. 
Cheaper Student and Senior rates
because we like to look after our seniors and students keeping them fit for life.

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Fit Figures Gym

11 Keddell Street



Txt Brian 021 342 682

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