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FitforLife Students

For Students including Wintech and Uni. Adult environment, no crowds, great gym etiquette and a postive atmosphere.  Cheaper Student rates because keeping our Students fit for life is important too us too.

Teens can learn to train in a safe, drug free, positive environment with instructors " walking the floor" to assist. Fit Figures encourages young men and women to have good gym Etiquette and in an adult environment whilst under the guidance of our instructors. Teenagers naturally want to use the weights and cardio equipment but without guidance and direction they can harm themselves or get little benefit. Teens can be easily influenced by Facebook articles, Mates exaggerations and advertising. With our FitforLife membership teenagers and have access to an experienced trainer and coach of 30 years, who has a holsitic aproach to all the goals of strength, speed, muscle and health.

SO WHO WOULD SUIT THIS? FitforLife is designed for Teenages/Students who are on a budget but still want to get the beneifts of joining a gym. 

THE FINEPRINT Weekly cost is $15 after initial setup cost of Tag & induction. The initial minimum period is 6 months & then a monthly membership (paid weekly or monthly via online). Under 18 years of age? You must have your parents/caregivers permission and membership forms need to be competed in the parents/caregivers details

Joining a gym doesn't have to be costly    FitforLife  can help you get fit on a budget.

  • Adult Environment
  • No Crowds
  • Great Gym etiquette and positive atmosphere
  • 24/7 Access

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