Brayden McFarlane - Personal Trainer

Brayden is a Personal Trainer here at Fit Figures Gym

Ready to help with your muscle building and/or fat loss goals, also to make it fun at the same time!

Brayden has always been in and arround fitness enviroment with playing rugby from a very young age and competing in Natural bodybuilding

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified in Exercise Nutrition

Some of Braydens success in BodyBuilding

  • Taupo INBA Teenage Men Champion 2017
  • INBA Natural Universe Teenage Men Champion 2017
  • Taupo INBA, Teenage Men 2nd, Novice Bodybuilding 1st and Novice Classic Physique 2nd 2018
  • INBA NZ Nationals Teenage Men Champion, Novice Bodybuilding 2nd and Novice Classic Physique 2nd 2018
  • 1st WAIBOP Powerlifing Junior u83kg 2019

Contact Brayden

Phone/Txt 022 163 9330


Warren August 

Just wanted to give my experience personal training with Brayden McFarlane. (Sorry this be a long read).

I don’t like being told what to do, or asking for help. ( Hine Putiputi will vouch for that  ). So having personal training sessions was something that never occurred to me. That changed when I did a few boot camp classes with Brayden. I found Brayden to be organised, informative and knowledgeable, about everything from proper form, to the muscle groups involved in the exercise right down to why we were doing that particular exercise. Questions were always clarified. So I quickly did a rethink about getting some help with some of the weaknesses I felt I had in my training. I am so glad I did. I spoke with Brayden about some of my goals, he listened, questioned, and came up with a plan of action. I have been training with Brayden once a week for the last four weeks and I am so impressed with his attitude, enthusiasm and ability to challenge me physically while making sure I maintain correct form and that I don’t die . Brayden pushes me when he thinks I need it for example “oh we’re making good time let’s add another exercise”. Me “oh yes let’s “. Brayden gives clear concise instructions which makes it very easy to stay focused on the exercise and maintaining form. So far working with Brayden has improved my strength, flexibility and focus. The sessions are not fun, they are tough, but I like tough better . So, if you have ever thought about personal training, Brayden is perfect. It is both inspiring and motivating to work with someone who absolutely loves what they do. Thanks for your help and expertise Brayden.


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